Tabletop ~ containers, china, candlesticks and more

use one large vase or groupings of three smaller ones for flowers 
in the center of each table ~  pairs nicely with vintage books 
65 available - $1 to $6 each

these bottles look great with single stems, while the Mason jars are perfect for arrangements or candles on reception tables, lining the ceremony aisle or hanging in the trees
23 jars and 20 bottles available - $1 to $8 each

super versatile ~ use these closed for vintage color and pattern on your reception tables 
or open them up for flowers, bread sticks, candies or silverware
37 available - $3 each

of course, flowers look wonderful in crystal, but it's also great for candles or on a candy buffet
40 available - $2 to $20 each

these beautiful metallics are very versatile, working as well with soft, romantic looks
as with more edgy modern decor
125 assorted shapes and sizes - $1.00 each

add the romance of candlelight to your ceremony or reception with the old-world feel of brass;
looks especially wonderful with rich jewel tones and autumnal palettes
50 available - $1 to $4 each, candles not included
(also 4 brass trays and 30 assorted vintage brass vases/vessels)

silverplate is the epitome of classic elegance but also pairs well with
rustic elements like burlap and moss
95 available - $3 to $20 each

these petite square glass vases are covered with moss and just waiting to be filled
with the flowers of your choice
16 available (3 1/4" square) - $2 each

tall and narrow, this rosy pink vase makes a colorful statement filled with
a single color of roses or a riot of wildflowers; it can become an instant centerpiece 
when  filled with your bouquet 
1 available (4 1/2" deep x 9 1/2" wide x 10" tall) - $10

an obvious choice for flowers at any rustic event
11 available - $4 to $8 each

pale pink vases, bowls and votives are the perfect feminine accent when paired
with candles or flowers
11 available - $1 to $6 each

in fall or winter, cobalt add rich color, especially when paired with brass or copper 
and in spring or summer, it really pops when used with white flowers and linens 
26 bottles plus 12 other assorted shapes and 26 votives available - $1 to $5 each

beautiful vintage amethyst bottles, bowls and votives make a colorful statement alone or
with a single bloom
15 available - $1 to $5 each

there's nothing like the aged, sparkle of silver mercury glass whether it's paired 
with a petite flower arrangement or a candle
12 of each style plus 25 assorted sizes and styles (not pictured) - $1.50 each

mismatched, vintage china brings a vibe of relaxed elegance to any event whether
coordinated by color or pattern at each table or stacked randomly at the buffet
375 available - $1.25 each

use these in conjunction with the mismatched dinner plates 
or choose them as a special surprise for dessert only;
also perfect for a cocktail reception ~ your guests will have fun choosing their favorite
396 available - $1.00 each

for the couple who want a mismatched look but with a common thread,
these classic cobalt and white dinner plates fit the bill 
181 available - $1.25 each

add this amber pair to the guest book or dessert table for a pop of color
1 pair available - $3 per pair

clear glass bottles are so versatile...perfect for the DIY bride who wants to 
arrange her own flowers; use with vintage books as risers and add a tin 
or figurine for a simple but unique centerpiece
165 available - $ .50 to $2 each

these multipurpose vases work for candles, flower arrangements, sand ceremonies...
15 available (various sizes) - $1 to $4 each

these would be lovely running down the center of banquet style tables, using 
candles in some and  flowers in others
35 available (in various sizes and shapes) - $2 to $7 each

these little goblets are fun for petite flower arrangements and 
also work well with votive candles, adding a nice color accent wherever they're used
5 blue available, 14 olive (two styles) available - $1 each

these red accents are season-less, working as well in a 
playful summer scheme as in a sophisticated winter palette
9 of each style available + 6 medium votives (not shown) - (l to r) $2 and $4 each

the rich colors of these brown and amber bottles warm up any tablescape and can be used for 
flower arrangements, candleholders, candy dishes, straw holders...what can you think of?
19 assorted shapes + 42 bottles available - $1.50 to $8 each

this green glass pairs well with pink, yellow, blue, brown, purple, just about any color;
use it with flowers, candles, on a candy buffet, just about anywhere
33 assorted shapes + 14 bottles - $1.50 to $8 each

everything looks more wonderful by candlelight 
6 clear glass with gold painted designs, 4 cut crystal bases, 6 clear glass hobnail,
72 clear glass ribbed, 19 clear glass pot shaped, 5 opaque vanilla, 9 clear glass
$.50 each

no explanation really needed for these classics ~ use them everywhere for everything
lots available in several different sizes and styles - $ .75 to $3 each

use these mismatched jewel toned goblets for small floral arrangements running down your banquet tables or pair them with solid colored dishes for interesting place settings
122 amber, 100 olive, 50 brown, 28 cobalt, 12 amethyst, 6 red and 8 pink available
$1.00 each

these hanging Pottery Barn jars work well for candles or flowers...add them to shepherd's hooks down the ceremony aisle, lighting up the venue's tree limbs, in the center of your cocktail tables or wherever else you need a pop of color or some extra sparkle
8 available - $3.00 each

use these mismatched gold and bronze mercury glass vessels to add sparkle to the guest tables 
or a venue mantle; the largest size pictured is perfect for floral arrangements
120 various sizes and shapes - $1.00-$3.00 each

these authentic vintage science beakers are perfect for candles or flowers at a school themed party
8 of each shape available - $2.50 each

use this collection on your buffet or dessert table or for the ceremony site with either
chunky pillar candles, floral arrangements or a combination of both
1 set available (6", 15" & 18" tall) - $14

these vintage beauties look great when mixed with solid brass candleholders 
running down the center of banquet style tables
1 pair available (12" tall) - $8 per pair

Photo coming soon
this 15" pair works as well with pillar candles as it does with a floral arrangement;
use them at the ceremony alter, a buffet table or wherever you need a substantial accent
1 pair available - $12, candles not included

these would work well for your unity candle ceremony or 
could even be used for tall flower-topped centerpieces
set of three for $10.00 

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