Large Details

when closed, this is perfect for displaying the cake or use open 
for favors or umbrellas or flowers or beverages or whatever else you can imagine
(image by Lydia Photography)
 1 available (44" tall x 21" square) - $45

this is fabulous for beverages on ice or as an unexpected container for 
a lush floral arrangement
1 available (38" x 18" x 31" tall and 10" deep) - $45

use one alone as a platform for your cake, open one up for your cards, stack several 
with flowers on top at your ceremony site or lounge area...
the possibilities with these beauties are endless
9 available - $6 to $15 each

use this fabulous vintage scale for your wedding cake or for a pyramid of favors
(image by Lydia Photography
1 available (18" wide x 20" deep x 8" to 20" tall) - $45

charming, vintage accent piece ~ use for cards, flowers or even live birds
1 available - $20 (as pictured) or $12 for cage only

use this pale green birdcage stand with silver-toned chandelier to brighten a corner...
chandelier can be removed for hanging from trees or ceilings
1 available, as pictured - $25 or $18 for chandelier only
 2 additional chandeliers available (without stands) - $18 each

use this on a dessert buffet for cupcakes, add flowers to each level 
or place favors or programs in it ~ lots of uses for this one
1 available (9" wide x 23" deep x 26" tall) - $15

these wire stands are perfect on a dessert buffet for cookies or cupcakes or to hold 
flowers, programs or favors 
aqua 'tea cart' - $15, white circular - $12, black iron -$8

the perfect accent piece for your ceremony flowers or candles or to display your cutting cake

fill this with flowers or candles at your ceremony, photo booth, welcome table
 or anywhere else you need a large accent piece

this rusted metal heart would be perfect for your portraits, at your photo booth or even 
decorated with flowers for the ceremony focal point 
2 available (24 1/2" wide x 25" tall) - $12

filled with umbrellas, pashminas or flip-flops, these retro crates add 
a vintage vibe however they're used
2 available (both are 13" square; smaller one is 11" tall and larger one is 15" tall) - $9 each

use these individually as risers or containers for umbrellas, pashminas, favors or flowers 
or stack a group of them to make a big statement in a lounge area or venue entrance
12 assorted styles and sizes available - $8 to $12 each

try this as a surface for your favors, programs or as an unexpected guest book 'table'
1 available  (13 1/2" x 4'6" x 33" tall) - $15

use this whimsical chalkboard on the buffet table to post menu selections or 
as a directional sign, pointing guests toward dinner
1 available (24" tall) - $15

use this tiered rack for a creative favor or cupcake display

perfect for directional signage, menu board, schedule of events or 
anything else you want your guests to read
2 available (1 @ 37" tall & 1 @ 46" tall) - $24 each

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